Solyaris is a visual movie browser to find and discover films, tv shows or actors and explore their connections.

Search the entire Open Movie Database (TMDb) collection for movies, tv shows or people. Explore connections and gather information about their relations. Learn about the cast and filmography.


  • Search for movies, tv shows or persons
  • Discover popular and movies now playing in theaters
  • Find out what's on the air
  • Visually explore connections
  • See the cast, read the storyline and flip through film posters
  • Get the filmography and biography for each actor or director
  • Watch YouTube movie trailers
  • Browse IMDb and Wikipedia articles


The app offers users a different way to view how actors, directors, and movies are interconnected. It was fun to open a node and see a forgotten, but loved, movie appear.

- PadGadget: Solyaris Puts Hollywood Connections at your Fingertips

Solyaris is an exploration into organic information design to visualise movies, actors, directors and their relationship. The application made in Cinder allows you to search the entire Open Movie Database (TMDb) collection for movies, actors or directors.

- CreativeApplications: Solyaris

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